Member Registration Modes

Self-registration, admin-controlled registration, shopping cart of modules/groups, API integration, excel upload...

Authorized Access to Resources

Protect your proprietary information! Share Audio, Video, PDFs, documents, web pages, and any other resource with specific groups, with limited control. Publically available resources or Freebies also possible.

Online Payment

Have members register for specific groups/modules using Digital Payment Gateway of your choice. Renewals, upgrades, and Free Registrations also possible.

Easy Billing and Renewals

Generate bills, manage renewals easily. Time-based access cut-off possible.

Member Engagement

Answer member queries when free via Instant Messaging. Configure to have one-way or two-way messaging. Optionally, have announcement boards for each of your groups.

Community Support

Optionally, have community boards for members to exchange information exclusively under your watch.

Featured Updates

An exclusive space to market and upsell - publish upcoming events, launch new products, showcase your achievements, display sponsored ads.

Testimonials and Feedback

Let them speak for you! Enable public testimonials or gather private feedback - either way it helps growth of your organization.

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