Job Post

Data Scientist- Sr. Associate Level – 4 to 7 years

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Build cutting edge models using OpenCV, NLP, machine learning and deep learning techniques for a variety of problems pertaining to healthcare domain.
  2.  Design and develop robust, efficient and real-time algorithms for Analysis and Classification of Medical Images using state-of-art techniques from Image Processing, Pattern Recognition,Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
  3. Develop innovative solutions for various problems related to Segmentation, Detection, classification and quantification of high-resolution colored images for applications in Digital Pathology.
  4. Design efficient models in Machine Learning / Deep Learning for accurate analysis and classification of High-resolution Images.
  5. Learn and update oneself on the emerging trends of technology and apply them in the projects for better results leading to publications and patents.
  6. Build & scale computer vision teams & computer vision infrastructure as well.
  7. Maintain in-house GPU environment for model training purposes.
  8. Assist DevOps to configure and maintain AWS for staging and production environments.
  9. Write publications and present at conferences.
  10. Create patent-related documents.
  11. Hire, Lead, and Train junior team members
  12. Come up with initiatives for developing new models and integrate into product ideas
  13. Work with software and hardware teams to explore and create new applications of technology

Technical Knowledge
 Must Have:
o Experience of 4-7 years in data science
o Excellent programming skills in Python.
o Experience in Medical imaging.
o Excellent track record of leading, building and deploying applications on large scale data.
o Well versed in taking a computer vision project through the planning, data collection +
annotation, training, deployment, and iteration phases
o Hands-on using Deep Learning frameworks and libraries.
o Hands-on in developing and implementing Image Processing and Machine Learning
o Hands-on experience in maintaining Machine Learning Lifecycle using MLFlow,
Sagemaker, etc.
o Experience on at least one Python web framework (such as Django, Flask)
o Knowledge of CNN and techniques such as Image Processing, Pattern Recognition,
Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
o Expertise in one or more of the following: object detection, semantic segmentation and
o Experience with deep learning frameworks such as Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch and
Computer Vision libraries such as OpenCV.
o Experience building machine learning models – Model building & customization, model
training and parameter tuning
o Experience with optimizing deep learning models for embedded platforms using TinyML,
TensorFlow Lite, etc.
o Sound knowledge of Cloud Computing tools’ cognitive ML services – Google cloud, AWS,
Azure, IBM Cloud etc.
o Knowledge of parallel architecture on GPU.
o Experience with various operating systems (e.g., Windows, UNIX)
o Knowledge of MySQL
o Experience in building and consuming REST API.
o Must know basics of web programming e.g., PHP and basic configuration of web server to
deploy models
o Must have Knowledge of versioning system like Git, Git-lab, Bit Bucket.
o Must be a self-starter and creative thinker with problem-solving mentality
o Should work in a group as well as independently as needed
Good to have:
o Experience in handling and analyzing of private patient records.
o Hands-on experience in using AWS for deployment of production systems.
o Familiarity with database technology such as MongoDB.


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