Periwinkle Technologies

Embedded Programmer: 3-4 years experience

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design, prototype and verify systems for various embedded applications
  • Develop and maintain firmware for embedded platforms
  • Create and manage documentation for active projects
  • Interact with stakeholders and help with the development of customized embedded solutions
  • Test and debug embedded software and applications
  • Develop hardware and software specifications
  • Participate in code and design reviews
  • Provide technical assistance to internal teams
  • Develop tools and techniques for testing and verification
  • Camera Module / Image Calibration & Imaging
  • Firmware Development on cypress or similar module
  • Collaborate on the design of future revisions of the product
    Must Haves:
    o Excellent programming experience in C, C++, and Python
    o Excellent knowledge of interface and network protocols including USB, BLE, WiFi etc
    o Excellent knowledge of micro-controller families such as Cypress, TI, ARM architecture
    o Excellent knowledge of SOCs
    o Good understanding of MIPI, high speed image signal processing, VGA and other
    formats, DSP
    o Knowledge of image calibration setups and techniques
    o Knowledge of different IP protocols, interfaces and hardware subsystems
    o Knowledge of software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools
    o Excellent understanding of Linux and Windows development environments
    o Good understanding of eclipse plug-ins
    o Good understanding of testing and debugging techniques
    o Good understanding of revision control systems like SVN, GIT, Arena
    o Familiarity with electronic circuit design and PCBs
     Good to Have:
    o Knowledge of development of drivers
    o Experience of programming with medical sensors and/or biomedical device applications
    o Working knowledge of ISO13485, ISO60601, ISO14971 guidelines
    o Basic knowledge of Java wrappers and library generation for Android
    o Basic knowledge of data science libraries and techniques