Periwinkle Technologies

Data Scientist (Sr. Associate- 4 to 7 yrs)

· Build cutting edge models using OpenCV, NLP, machine learning and deep learning techniques for a variety of problems pertaining to healthcare domain.

· Design and develop robust, efficient and real-time algorithms for Analysis and Classification of Medical Images using state-of-art techniques from Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

· Develop innovative solutions for various problems related to Segmentation, Detection, classification and quantification of high-resolution colored images for applications in Digital Pathology.

· Design efficient models in Machine Learning / Deep Learning for accurate analysis and classification of High-resolution Images.

· Learn and update oneself on the emerging trends of technology and apply them in the projects for better results leading to publications and patents.

· Build & scale computer vision teams & computer vision infrastructure as well.

· Maintain in-house GPU environment for model training purposes.

· Assist DevOps to configure and maintain AWS for staging and production environments

· Write publications and present at conferences.

· Create patent-related documents.

· Hire, Lead, and Train junior team members

· Come up with initiatives for developing new models and integrate into product ideas

· Work with software and hardware teams to explore and create new applications of technology

Technical Knowledge:

Must Have:

o Experience of 4-7 years in data science

o Excellent programming skills in Python.

o Experience in Medical imaging.

o Excellent track record of leading, building and deploying applications on large scale data.

o Well versed in taking a computer vision project through the planning, data collection + annotation, training, deployment, and iteration phases

o Hands-on using Deep Learning frameworks and libraries.

o Hands-on in developing and implementing Image Processing and Machine Learning algorithms.

o Hands-on experience in maintaining Machine Learning Lifecycle using MLFlow, Sagemaker, etc.

o Experience on at least one Python web framework (such as Django, Flask)

o Knowledge of CNN and techniques such as Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

o Expertise in one or more of the following: object detection, semantic segmentation and OCR

o Experience with deep learning frameworks such as Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch and Computer Vision libraries such as OpenCV.

o Experience building machine learning models – Model building & customization, model training and parameter tuning

o Experience with optimizing deep learning models for embedded platforms using TinyML, TensorFlow Lite, etc.

o Sound knowledge of Cloud Computing tools’ cognitive ML services – Google cloud, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud etc.

o Knowledge of parallel architecture on GPU.

o Experience with various operating systems (e.g., Windows, UNIX)

o Knowledge of MySQL

o Experience in building and consuming REST API.

o Must know basics of web programming e.g., PHP and basic configuration of web server to deploy models

o Must have Knowledge of versioning system like Git, Git-lab, Bit Bucket.

o Must be a self-starter and creative thinker with problem-solving mentality

o Should work in a group as well as independently as needed

Good to have:

o Experience in handling and analyzing of private patient records.

o Hands-on experience in using AWS for deployment of production systems.

o Familiarity with database technology such as MongoDB.

Key Skills: Image Processing, Segmentation, Pattern recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Flask, Docker, Git.

Qualification: B.E./B.Tech./M.E./M.Tech.; bonus: certification in ML