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Smart Scope®CX showcased by ICMR at G20

Loosely translated transcript:

Hi, My Name is Dr. Enna Dogra Gupta. I am a scientist at ICMR Headquarters. Here were displaying a product called Smart Scope®. This helps in screening for cervical cancer in low resource settings. Cervical cancer is a major concern for women’s health in India. Cervical cancer if detected, diagnosed, and treated early can save lives. Smart Scope’s feasibility test has been conducted at our institute, NICPR Noida and validated to be useful for conducting mass scale screening in low resource settings, in less time and at affordable costs. Thus, it has been shown that it can be used for screening more population giving early diagnosis, timely treatment and saving more lives. Using the Smart Scope, we capture images of the cervix and the inbuilt AI algorithm analyses and detects and indicates if the cervical tissue is healthy or suspicious of cancer. This device can even be used in the absence of skilled personnel or expert, a health worker can be trained for doing the screening, and the AI can give the basic risk indication of the cervical health.