A simple, affordable, user-friendly five- minute test that uses cutting edge digital technology.

Screens precancerous lesions, infections, erosions, polyps in minimal healthcare settings and helps in timely treatment

OPD-level single-visit test for cervical abnormalities that efficiently replaces existing long and multi-step lab-based process

Not only detects signs early; but also prevents painful, invasive and expensive treatments.



Advanced Technology for Point-of-care Settings



Machine learning works with AI to give results, comparisons, abnormalities and complexities with assessment corroborated by experts.


Ability to work without power makes it perfectly suitable for low-resource settings such as PHCs and community camps.


Costs affordable for clinics and patients. Works well in minimal health care settings and can be used by minimally trained personnel.



300,000 cases

80+ installations

500+ doctors

5000+ Tests


Clients across India


Information of the Test for Patients

What is this test?

The Smart Scope® test is a simple 5-minute non-invasive test to detect cervical infections and other abnormalities using a handheld imaging device and AI-enabled image analyzing software. It is a modern way to examine the mouth of the uterus - known as the cervix - in women in the age group of 30 to 65 years.

Why is it needed?

This is a preventive test that will help detect high-risk infections, precancerous cellular changes, and cervical cancer early and thereby facilitating timely treatment and avoiding painful, invasive, and expensive treatments.

What if the test is positive?

If the test indicates an abnormality, your doctor can counsel you in the same visit about the possible ways in which it can be treated. Some infections can be treated with antibiotics, just a course of oral or topical medication. Some cellular changes due to an HPV infection may be followed up as per the severity. Pre-cancerous changes can be treated using various methods such as cryotherapy, LEEP, or thermo-coagulation. Most of these treatments short and less expensive. Timely identification is a good thing.