Healthy cervix in a healthy body

Post 2020, the relationship between viruses and humans will never be the same! As the world struggles to stand on its feet post the latest COVID attack, are there any lessons to be learnt for those of us fighting a war against the menace that has plagued the society for centuries, the Human Papilloma Virus?

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In this article, we look at a “home kit” for a healthy immune system. Here are a few simple foods that are proven immunity boosters – just as essential as a good sanitizer, in the post-COVID world!


As a team that works with gynacs who strive to help women defeat cervical cancer, we couldn’t help but wonder: what happens to obstetrics work where an emergency can knock at the door any time, any day? We decided to speak to a few gynaecologists about how the COVID-19 has changed the world for them and their patients.

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